ECC March Madness Bracket Game 50/50 Pot

Sun, Mar 17 2019 to Thu, Mar 21 2019

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  • Type of event: Fundraiser
    Description: Hello all,

    NCAA is hosting it’s annual March Madness college basketball tournament in March.  For a donation of $10 per bracket to Emerald City Chorus, your name and your email address, we will enter you to play a Bracket Game run by CBSSports for our Emerald City Chorus’ fund raiser.  During the tournament CBSSports will run the bracket with all the updates after each basketball game is completed.  
    • March 17 is Selection Sunday.  Selection Sunday is when all the NCAA teams will be ranked and placed on the bracket for us. 
    • When the bracket is ready, play instructions will be sent to all participants directly from CBSSports to the email address that you supplied to us.  Watch your email!
    • Once the teams are placed on the bracket March 17, you can login to CBSSports and click on the team that you think will win for each game. 

    Log in early to make sure that your password will work.  It takes time to reset it. 
    Don’t wait until the last day to fill in your bracket(s).  CBS Sports has trouble with the system load.

    When your bracket is filled sit back and enjoy the games.   You may choose to have more than one bracket.  To do so, you would need to make a $10 donation for each bracket.  If your teams are not selected, ECC can trigger the computer to auto-fill your bracket before the tournament starts.

    We hope that you choose to participate in our ECC fund raiser and that you win our 50/50 pot of money donated to ECC!  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

    Give your donations of $10 per bracket in cash or check (payable to Emerald City Chorus) to your favorite member.  You can also pay via PayPal(with upcharge) (button below) here on our website,

    There will be one winner out of our donor pool.      Thank you for playing!!

    Katie Whitmer
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