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  • From the first membership party I went to I knew I had to be a part of this fabulous chorus! I signed up that night and am now in my 9th year. I sing bass, am a member of Diversion quartet and sing and dance on the front row. I don't have a musical background, I didn't sing in high school, college or church. I just sang for me - in the car, in the shower and everywhere in between! I highly encourage any lady out there who likes to sing to come and visit us. You owe it to yourself to find out more about Emerald City Chorus! I guarantee it will change your life, as it has mine!
    - Susan Wolcott

    You, too, can join this amazing group of women. Don't let your lack of musical knowledge hold you back! If you have the desire to sing and perform - Emerald City Chorus will help you attain that goal. I came into the group with a limited musical background. I just sang in the car with the radio! Now I'm on the front row - singing and dancing with the best women around! In joining Emerald City Chorus - I have found life-long friendships and grown as a singer/performer.
    Come join us!!! You know you want to!
    - Patti Neeley

    At first when a co-worker asked me to come to a rehearsal of Sweet Adelines, I literary thought it was a bunch of old ladies. When I came, I fell in love with the style of singing that I ended up staying and that has been almost 16 yrs. I even got my sister involved and our Mother got to hear us sing before she passed away 15 yrs ago.
    I have been in several quarters and I am now singing baritone with Perfect Storm! I am a charter member of the chorus and have served on several position in the chorus and currently Events Manager,
    If I had known about Sweet Adelines out of high school I would have joined a lot sooner. If you enjoy singing as much as I do, it's for every age group 13-99 years old.
    - Carla Elkins

    2018 Testimonial from Jan Hopkins

    Do you feel that your singing voice is an extension of yourself, that music is a whole other dimension of your personality? I have felt like that since childhood and have always sought ways to be musical, from exchanging songs with my best friend on her swing-set as a child, to singing in college groups, church groups, community theatre, and Sweet Adelines. Emerald City Chorus of Sweet Adelines International satisfies that musical muse I carry around inside me.
    - Jan Hopkins

    Dear Ms. Alterman:
    I wish to extend my thanks for the lovely time I had at the Bingo on Saturday.
    I was surprised and delighted when I won the Kitchen Basket.
    You have a great team and the evening went off flawlessly.
    Thanks again for my lovely gift!
    - Deb Harkness

    Emerald City Chorus is my lifeline!
    As a charter member of this chorus I've enjoyed helping it grow and become an exciting and vibrant source of the all American art form of Barbershop music here in Wichita.
    I have made lifetime friends and learned so much. I can also say that I have achieved much more confidence as a singer and as a leader in the chorus administration over the years.
    It keeps me young and I recommend it to any singer seeking an outlet for their talent.
    Rachel Klein, bass
    - Rachel Klein


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