• Regarding The chorus in general
  • Bingo at the Goddard Church with the Emerald City Chorus was so much fun. The Sloppy Joes were excellent.
    - Susan from The Goddard Church

    We invited the Emerald City Chorus to perform at a recent fundraising event, Tablescapes, at St. Vincent de Paul.
    They did a fabulous performance and the audience loved their choice of songs.They were enthusiastic and upbeat!
    Will be inviting them to perform for us again next year!
    - Mistee

    Upon joining Emerald City Chorus, covid hit and added a whole new level of crazy to our lives. I was overwhelmed with love and support from the members of this group. They helped me and my family get through that time and I will forever be grateful. This group of women have empowered me to be a better mom and a better me. My daughter and I joined this group to share her joy of music and have found a home with this chorus.

    She and I have created a bond together with music that will last a lifetime. I have enjoyed this group and feel that they have instilled a new love for music I never knew I needed. Brynlee and I appreciate these ladies and are so happy to have them in our lives!
    - Shelley Westhoff

    When I was in high school, I was in a girl's ensemble. I never sang, except in church, after that. I always had the desire, but not the opportunity. While surfing Facebook one day, there was a post from the Emerald City Chorus to come and sing with a group of women for the summer. They rehearse at my church. Here was my opportunity to sing.

    When I went to the first rehearsal, I had no idea what kind of chorus I was getting into. It took one song and I was hooked. To stand in the middle of the beautiful harmony these ladies have is a wonderful experience. To know my voice is helping to make that harmony is humbling. I am a person that sings by hearing and cannot read music. I am learning so much about music, notes, pitch, tempo, showing feelings and so much more. I have been a member for less than a year now.

    It is a lot of work to learn and perfect all the songs that go into a concert or competition. There is also lots of opportunities to get involved in the money making projects, getting ready for Concerts and much more that is required to run our Chorus.

    The Emerald City Chorus ladies are a very caring and supporting group of women. I am very glad I am a part of their family. It is an awesome thing to be able to grow in your talents, your courage, your confidence, and yourself at 67.
    - Debbie Bradstreet

    I have had the pleasure of collaborating and coaching the Emerald City Chorus for over 10 years. What a wonderful group of talented singers that creates beautiful harmony together and enjoys bringing joy to their community through 4-part harmony. I am their #1FAN.
    Vickie Maybury, Owner Vickie Maybury International, International Speaker, Coach & Author,
    Master Director 700, Skyline Chorus Sweet Adelines, International Board of Directors, Judge Specialist, Expression Category, Certified Expression Judge, Certified International Faculty
    - Vickie Maybury

    I joined the Prospective Emerald City Chorus in 2007 after my first husband had passed away. Church choir had been our lifetime passion and it was being replaced by Praise Teams. We had vocal music education degrees, had taughin schools and privately since 1967 and had enjoyed singing duets together in quartets and in small ensembles for most of those years.

    I have really loved singing in Emerald City Chorus. The harmonies are absolutely indescribable, thrilling to be exact. I've learned more about singing, breathing properly, breath suport and taking care of my voice during Sweet Adelines education than in college or continuing education and they call what teachers must do in the summer time to renew teacher certification.

    There is work involved with learning the music and choreography and in the organization itself. It can take a great deal of time if you want it to, but there are many confidence building advantages also.

    I would heartily recommend it to any woman who loves to sing and enjoys the American art for of barbershop harmony.
    - Mary Ann Severance

    On behalf of Designing Women of Mark Arts, I would like to express our appreciation to you and the members of Emerald City Chorus for the beautiful vocal performance at the Mother-Daughter Tea last Sunday. Everyone enjoyed the lovely music and we heard so much positive feedback!
    Thank you again and happy holidays.
    Kate Foza, Co-chair Mother-Daughter Tea
    - Designing Women of Mark Arts

    I first heard about Sweet Adelines about 12 years ago, when I was working for an advertising company after moving back to Wichita from California. A member of Emerald City Chorus had called for pricing and in the course of our conversation asked me if I liked to sing. I told her I did - but just for me! She said "That's what we're looking for" and invited me to a chorus membership party at her home.

    I went to that party and met the most wonderful ladies, I remember feeling like I had known so many of them my whole life! They were so welcoming and easy to talk to, I could tell they really enjoyed being together. I listened to them perform and fell in love with them and Sweet Adelines on the spot. I signed up that night, starting on one of the most rewarding journeys of my life. Being a Sweet Adeline and a member of Emerald City Chorus has touched me in so many ways,

    I can't imagine my life without them! I would highly encourage any ladies who like to sing - even if it's just for yourself - to join us. Finding personal fulfillment, meeting lifelong friends and making some of the best memories of your life, it's all waiting for you!
    - Susan Wolcott

    You, too, can join this amazing group of women. Don't let your lack of musical knowledge hold you back! If you have the desire to sing and perform - Emerald City Chorus will help you attain that goal. I came into the group with a limited musical background. I just sang in the car with the radio! Now I'm on the front row - singing and dancing with the best women around! In joining Emerald City Chorus - I have found life-long friendships and grown as a singer/performer.
    Come join us!!! You know you want to!
    - Patti Neeley

    At first when a co-worker asked me to come to a rehearsal of Sweet Adelines, I literary thought it was a bunch of old ladies. When I came, I fell in love with the style of singing that I ended up staying and that has been almost 16 yrs. I even got my sister involved and our Mother got to hear us sing before she passed away 15 yrs ago.
    I have been in several quarters and I am now singing baritone with Perfect Storm! I am a charter member of the chorus and have served on several position in the chorus and currently Events Manager,
    If I had known about Sweet Adelines out of high school I would have joined a lot sooner. If you enjoy singing as much as I do, it's for every age group 13-99 years old.
    - Carla Elkins

    Do you feel that your singing voice is an extension of yourself, that music is a whole other dimension of your personality? I have felt like that since childhood and have always sought ways to be musical, from exchanging songs with my best friend on her swing-set as a child, to singing in college groups, church groups, community theatre, and Sweet Adelines. Emerald City Chorus of Sweet Adelines International satisfies that musical muse I carry around inside me.
    - Jan Hopkins

    Dear Ms. Alterman:
    I wish to extend my thanks for the lovely time I had at the Bingo on Saturday.
    I was surprised and delighted when I won the Kitchen Basket.
    You have a great team and the evening went off flawlessly.
    Thanks again for my lovely gift!
    - Deb Harkness

    Emerald City Chorus is my lifeline!
    As a charter member of this chorus I've enjoyed helping it grow and become an exciting and vibrant source of the all American art form of Barbershop music here in Wichita.
    I have made lifetime friends and learned so much. I can also say that I have achieved much more confidence as a singer and as a leader in the chorus administration over the years.
    It helps keeps me young and I recommend it to any singer seeking an outlet for their talent.
    Rachel Klein, bass
    - Rachel Klein