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Here are some testimonials for Emerald City by members of the chorus.

Photos by Keri Photography 

Rusty Peterson

ECC is my mood booster! 

Whenever I have a not-so-perfect Monday at work, I'm assured that an evening of chorus rehearsal will help me feel better.  Singing relieves stress, especially with friends and in harmony.

Rusty Peterson - tenor

Rachel Klein

My Chorus is Special!

Emerald City is my lifeline. It keeps me going and has energized me from the moment we began our journey as a brand new chorus in 2006 to our charter just one year later in November 2007. Until September 2010, our weekly rehearsals were held in the "Diva Den" in my backyard. It became a warm and welcoming home to all our members and we welcomed many guests who eventually became members through that door. It has given me a multitude of friends that I can count on to be there for me when I need them whether a chorus matter or personal. It gives me great pleasure to proudly call Emerald City Chorus ‘my chorus'.

Rachel Klein - bass


Patti Neeley

I'm addicted!

My name is Patti and I'm excited and proud to be an Emerald City Chorus addict!!!

From the first rehearsal I attended I knew that this was where I was meant to be. Everyone there made me feel truly welcome - sharing their excitement and joy of singing. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that!!!!

The directors of Emerald City Chorus - Judy and Dana - are like Yin-Yang - continual movement of energy that causes everything to happen. They feed my addiction by teaching me (and the chorus) the tools needed to improve my vocal and performance skills - and I have plenty to learn.

There is a true camaraderie amongst all the women of Emerald City Chorus - what a treasure to find so many friends all in one place!!! I just wish I had found the women of Emerald City Chorus a long time ago!!!!!

Patti Neeley - baritone


Jan Hopkins

Staving off the Hands of Time!

My latest weapon in the endeavor to stay vital and vibrant as I age is emu oil. Great stuff but I have an even better tip for staving off the hands of time - Sweet Adelines. There is nothing that comes in a bottle that can give you the energy you get from a satisfying rehearsal with some of the most talented directors around or from a successful production be it on the stage of the Orpheum, Illuminations at Botanica, or a performance for a local civic group. Sweet Adelines, - not something you can pick up at Dillards but an infusion is just a call away to Emerald City Chorus.

Jan Hopkins - lead/baritone



Cindy Yde

I Pursued My Dream!

I've always wanted to sing! In the shower, in the car and anywhere else. However, I thought that I couldn't sing, until I dredged up the courage to visit the Emerald City Chorus. I learned that I could sing! I continue to improve under Dana, Judy, Lisa and Vicki's educational lessons and the ECC members' support. I never knew that I had it in me. :) I love the singing, the moves and the drive for excellence. I hope that all women who strive to pursue their desire to sing will also come to Emerald City Chorus.

Cindy Yde - lead



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